Tuesday, July 30

Dinner Date

A bit late, but here is finally the first outfit post with Coco. We took these photo's when I was in London visiting my DB in our old shooting spot - we have never actually taken any outfit pictures in Munich!


The outfit is very classic and perhaps on the boring side but I was happy to wear my new Isabel Marant Etoile Ariana jacket with my beautiful Chanel. We went to Sushi Samba for dinner which was spectacular (the view over London was great and the food delicious just like in NY) so we had a lovely time in London - I mean how could one not?


However I must say that I don't miss London as much as I thought - I have really adjusted to life in Munich (although I yet have to get a bike) - the outdoorsy culture and work-life balance in general is really peaceful around here and I've made some wonderful new friends (who take me to nice events, see previous post :))



I was wearing: Jumbo Flap bag with silver hardware by Chanel, Isabel Marant Etoile Ariana jacket, a random black top or tshirt (sorry was a while ago and I have tons), Tiffany key necklace with long chain, Zara black jeans and Jimmy Choo Gilbert pumps from the 24:7 Collection

The next post will most likely be a haul - I took a few pictures of some of the goodies that I bought in London - besides the jacket (which really I picked up as it was ordered on NAP) and of course my beautiful Chanel which had its own post. Also as my FedEx tracking tells me some more goods are scheduled to arrive at lunch time tomorrow so stay tuned for that :)

Thanks for reading! x


  1. Lovely look! Loving the shade of the jacket - it will transition so well into fall!

    Bold Subtlety

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